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This product type includes any Brand, Low Roof Van Body Type. Samples: Ford Transit 2500 Low Roof, Dodge ProMaster 1500 Low Roof. Have a custom vehicle? Give us call! 


What is included in the price?

  •  Professional Graphic Design (Free)
  •  3-5 Revisions
  •  Printing & Installation (3M Certified Installers)



A) Full Wrap w/ No Roof Graphics: Includes wrapping the sides, front and back of your vehicle. Roof Graphics is not included with this option. This is our most standard option for vehicle wraps. Does not includes door handles, antennas and vehicle emblems.


B) Full Wrap w/ Roof Graphics: Includes Full Wrapping you vehicle (Sides, Front, Back and Roof) Does not includes door handles, antennas and vehicle emblems.


C) Partial Wrap: Includes 50% Graphics Coverage (Sides and Back)


D) Logo & Lettering Only: Includes Your logo & Basic Information such as phone numbers and website. (Sides and Back)



AVERY Dennison High Performance Film + Clear Lamination with a 1 Year Warranty 


How long does it take?

Our goal is for you to receive your initial design in 2-3 Business Days. 

Once you approve the artwork, we will schedule the installation date based in our schedule and your availability. 


What happens after I place the order?

As soon as we receive your order, one of our project managers will contact you via email to follow up with you. You can also send any ideas or images to - 


Installation Facilities:

Our local installation building is located in Carrollton, TX

We will contact you for more details about installation and scheduling. 


HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? No Problem! We are to help!

For any questions you can call ​972-685-3546 or email

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