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Why vehicle wrapping is key to your brand’s image

Vehicle wrapping invites creative expression and brand strategy to come together to provide one of the best, cost-effective, and long-term marketing investments your brand will make this year.
Full Wrap on a Box Delivery Truck by Imageflow. Imageflow is a vehicle graphics company proving wrap and graphics services in Dallas, TX and the entire Country.
Black Rock Galleries Full Wrap - Imageflow 2021

A great vehicle wrap immediately draws attention. Regardless of the vehicle make or model or which highway or road you find yourself in. Your vehicle has the potential to bring new customers by simply stepping on the gas and taking your brand on the go. With a projected 238 million U.S licensed drivers by 2022, the brand exposure your vehicle wrap can provide is a defining factor in the success of your brand. Besides exposure, what other benefits does wrapping bring to your company vehicle or fleet?

Wrapping your head around Vehicle Wrapping

First—a short summary of vehicle wraps.

Vehicle wrapping involves the process of using vinyl film to modify the exterior look of your vehicle. By applying heat to the film the vinyl becomes moldable and can be applied to the vehicle’s curves and edges. The result is a seamless transformation of the vehicle’s exterior.

With recent technological improvements, wrap film now comes in a variety of colors, finishes, and textures. Graphics can be as ambitious as the designer’s imagination with virtually no limits to the colors, shapes, and images that can be applied to the film. Designers can use any design program to bring their graphics to life, and once ready they can send the file to the print team to produce a high-quality graphic on vinyl that is ready to be applied to any vehicle.

The ease of application and creative potential come together with the material modifications which make film durable in all seasons or driving conditions. The film enhances the vehicle’s looks and, when professionally applied by one of our team members, creates a protective layer for the original paint. When properly maintained, the film will appear good as new for years and miles to come.

Now that you’ve “wrapped” your head around vehicle wraps, let’s dive into the benefits.

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