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How much does a storefront sign cost?

So you are finally opening your business and you are wondering about how much a sign costs. You are in the right place! Here at, we can help you in figuring out the best selection for your business and marketing goals.

First of all, building signs are not cheap! Make sure to set up a “sign budget” in your expenses list so you don’t get any surprises. Keep in mind that your storefront sign is the first thing that potential customers will look at. You want to make sure to create a good first impression on existing and potential customers. You should treat your business sign very seriously (especially if you are in the retail/restaurant business). Keep in mind that your sign package should include the following: Sign Design, Sign Permits, fabrication and sign installation. In this article we will discuss 4 different types of Signage and how much they cost.

Aluminum Commercial Frames: Price Range $800 - $2500

This will be the most economic option to start with your business. Simple but elegant, this type of sign can help your customers find your business and show potential customers your name and business services. Make sure to keep the design simple and direct to the point.

Tip: Your business name or MAIN SERVICE should be BIG and VISIBLE. Do not overcrowd the sign with too much text.

Non-Illuminated Dimensional Letters: Price Range: $800 - $3,500

If you think you don’t need an illuminated sign, you can do some nice dimensional letters.

Keep in mind that the final price will be based on the numbers of letters, sizes, and colors that you select.

You can do solid and metallic finishes like Brushed Aluminum Finish (HOT). These letters can be flush mounted to any wall. Make sure to select bold and visible letters to make your business stand up from the others!

Illuminated Cabinet Sign: Price range $950 and up

These “wall” or “box” signs, as they are sometimes called, are an effective method of utilizing a large copy area with eye-popping graphics. Both strong and durable, our custom cabinet signage can be used when small letter size or graphical elements make the use of channel letters impractical. The sign background is typically illuminated and the copy can either be translucent (lighted) or opaque (non-lighted) to create a dynamic, high-contrast presentation. Made to fit anyone’s budget, these cabinet signs will supply you with the eye-catching visuals to attract clients, customers, or fellow members to your organization’s doors.

The final price is based on the dimensions of the cabinet sign. (ex. 4ft x 8ft cabinet will be around $1,250.00) The bigger the box, the more you will have to pay. Of course, you will need to check with your landlord and city ordinances first or usually, your sign company can help you with that.

Illuminated Channel Letters: Price starts at $2,800 and Up

A Channel Letter is a dimensional letter made of Aluminum and Acrylic (Plastic) Material. They are the most common type of signs on strip malls, shopping centers and more. Popular across many industries, these eye-catching business signs feature internally illuminated letters. Ideal for storefront signs or lighted indoor signs, these channel letters present your business in a professional, engaging fashion.

Just like the dimensional letters, the price will be based on how many letters your sign has, the size of each letter and materials. A basic channel letter sign with 8 letters at 18” height will be around $1,800 +permits.

These will be the most common types of commercial signs for your business. The more you invest in your sign the better design and better look you can have. Some channel letters signs, for instance, can go up to $10K for one single sign. It will all depend on your budget, city regulations and how customizable you want the sign to be.

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